A look back at waking windows music fesitval

The Burlington Free Press wrote a great article on our favorite music festival Waking Windows 5  . Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t Dead
  • Vermont isn’t just for Phish and its fellow jam bands anymore. I hear that a lot not just from out-of-staters but also from in-staters, that jam rock is still the sound of Vermont.
  • Winooski may now officially be cooler than Burlington. Sure, Burlington is still the center of business, tourism and culture, but Winooski has that of-the-moment vibe down pat. Waking Windows not only exposed me to great music, it sent me in search of that music into a bunch of upstart businesses I hadn’t been in before, from a fine microbrewery (Four Quarters Brewing) to a relaxed coffee/ice-cream shop (Scout & Co.), a funky, crafty store (Birdfolk Collective), a smart neighborhood drinking establishment (Mule Bar), a revived, upscale restaurant (Waterworks) and a couple of street-side food trucks doling out tasty munchies


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