Power of Produce Club for kids at Winooski Farmers Market

Winooski Farmer’s Market Starts May 31st. 
Power of Produce (POP) Club For Kids ages 5-12 

We’re going on our third year of running the Power of Produce (POP) Club at market. What is it? Well, kids ages 5-12 sign up at our kids booth, get a Passport to Health (we hold onto it for the season), and $2 worth of wooden market tokens to buy fruits, vegetables and food bearing plants. Each week they return they get a stamp in their passport and $2 more worth of tokens. Once they come to market 10x they get a maple snow cone as a reward. Each week we have a kids activity for kids of all ages around food, food growing and nutrition.  During the last two years we have had 241 kids become members, had 676 visits from kids and held over 40 kids activities. The program is run by two interns from UVM who are studying Nutrition, Food Systems or Environmental Science.

This program is sprouting up all over Vermont and nationally thanks to the originator of this program, Oregon City Farmers Market, who began this program in 2011 to help empower and encourage kids to make healthy food choices. We’re helping our next generation of farmers market shoppers make healthy food choices and you can, too!

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