Rules & Regulations

2017 Winooski Farmers Market: Rules and Regulations

In order to create a thriving and bustling market for the Winooski community and beyond, all members of the Winooski Farmers Market will behave towards Market customers, association members, staff and volunteers, in a professional manner, which fosters a sense of market community, camaraderie, and a spirit of cooperative involvement.

1. Punctuality/Attendance

All vendors must be at their designated space no later than 9:15AM and completely set up by 9:45AM. The Market Manager will be on site by 8:15AM and vendors are encouraged to come early for set-up. To be considered a season vendor, you are expected to attend all markets. If you cannot attend a market, a minimum of 5 days notice is required, so the market may find a day vendor to fill the spot. The market is rain or shine. If there are no shows or repeated absences, the board will review with option to remove the vendor without refund

Season Vendors:

  • One absence without five-day notice will result in a change of space assignment. In case of emergency, a late call is better than no call.
  • A no call/no show will result in loss of half of security deposit, a second no call no show will result in loss of second half of security deposit and potential loss of vending space for the season
  • Each season vendor is allowed two absences with prior notice; the more notice the better with a minimum of five days required. Each subsequent absence will result in loss of half of deposit. After four total absences, season vendor status may be rescinded.

Scheduled Day Vendors

  • If a Scheduled Day Vendor cancels without two weeks prior notice or is a “no-show”, the vendor is still responsible for the $30 day fee. This is due a week prior to scheduled attendance, unless previous arrangements have been made. If an On Call Day Vendor is a “no-show” or they cancel without 72 hours notice, they are still responsible for daily fee. This is due within a week of scheduled attendance.
  • Unannounced absences or late arrival may result in a loss of vending space for the season.

2. Set-up

Set-up is between 8:15AM – 9:45AM on market day. Arrive at Market with enough time to unload, move your vehicle and set up before the start of Market. Keep your set-up neat and professional, and stay within your space allotment. Vendors must stay fully set-up until the Market closes at 2pm.

3. Quality

The Winooski Farmers Market strives to provide a market where fresh and wholesome products are sold. The Market Manager shall have the responsibility for maintaining quality control at the Market. The producer or the producer’s authorized representative should be the seller of their product at the Market. All craft products must be handcrafted and sold by applying vendor.

4. Space Assignments

No one will be allowed to sell anything without a completed and approved application on file, with proof of the proper permits/insurance naming the market as also co-insured. It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide a copy of these to have on file prior to the commencement of the market. The Manager will make space assignments based upon the following criteria: seniority, products sold, and seller involvement and participation in the Market.

5. Space Clean up

Vendors are responsible for leaving their space clean and trash/compost free at the end of each
Market. All vendor generated trash must be taken home by vendors and not deposited in public trash receptacles at the market.

6. End of Day:

Vendors are responsible for handing in tokens/coupons and gross sales forms once every two weeks on scheduled dates. The Manager will provide collection dates at season commencement. If you are not going to be at that market, it is your responsibility to hand your envelope in the week before. Failure to do so will result in not being reimbursed until next pay period, if you did not hand in your envelope on time or early.

7. Display

Displays must be placed within assigned spaces only. ALL FOOD VENDORS ARE REQUIRED BY THE VERMONT HEALTH DEPARTMENT TO PROVIDE OVERHEAD UMBRELLA OR OTHER COVER FOR THEIR SPACES. The WFM requires that vendors provide signage displaying your farm name and a canopy/umbrella. Canopies must be weighted the moment they go up, no exceptions. Each canopy must have 25lbs of weight secured to each leg of the canopy at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. You are responsible for any damage done to others, their set-up and your set-up. The market site can be very windy, regardless of what the weather looks like at your home or even at the market the morning of. All booth displays and structures must be safe and well secured, and are subject to the approval of the manager.

8. Parking

Vendors will be allowed to park in parking spaces next to the market site while unloading into your space. First, unload all goods into your space. You are welcome to notify the market manager or a volunteer that you are moving your vehicle to the parking garage (a block away) and you would like us to keep an eye on your goods. This said, we will not be liable for losses such as theft or damage, but we will be vigilant to prevent these things. We ask that you keep your cash box with you at all times. It is the responsibility of the vendor/s to move their vehicle directly after unloading.

9. Pricing/Selling

Pricing of goods sold at the Market is solely the responsibility of the individual vendor. That said, we ask vendors to sell products at reasonable and competitive market prices. All scales must pass Vermont State inspection. The WFM expects vendors to follow the highest business and ethical standards at market. Fraudulent or dishonest practices are prohibited.

10. Health Practices

All vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures as outlined by the Vermont Department of Health. Any vendor found selling contaminated foodstuffs or produce, or selling in the Market without proper health precautions and permit licensure will be suspended from selling operations until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the Vermont Department of Health and the Market Manager. All vendors must dress appropriately. Shoes and shirts are required.

11. Smoking Policy

There will be NO smoking by vendors in any space assignments or within 25 feet of the market area.

12. Weather

Cancellation of the Market or early closure due to dangerous or severe weather conditions shall be at the sole discretion of the Market Manager. Market is RAIN or SHINE. Please make arrangements so that your product/s are safe from weather in the event of rain (i.e. clear tarp, side panels for your canopy, etc.). The WFM DOES NOT CLOSE ON ACCOUNT OF WIND. The WFM is not responsible for any damage.

13. Space Fee and Payment

10’ x 10’: $350 + $60 refundable security deposit

10’ x 20’: $640 plus $60 refundable security deposits. Security deposit.

14. EBT/Debit dollars

The WFM accepts EBT/DEBIT dollars. The Winooski Farmers market will reimburse vendors twice a month at market. Payment Schedule will be provided to vendors at the beginning of the market season.

15. Organic Labeling

Vendors advertising as “Organic”,” Unsprayed” or “Natural”, etc. are not required to be certified by any recognized certification agency. However, VT state law prohibits those who have not been certified by USDA from using the phrase “Certified Organic”. All vendors are required to advertise truthfully and to respond to customer’s questions in a like manner.

16. Grievance Policy

The Winooski Community Partnership hopes the Winooski Farmers Market will be a fun, busy market without complications. That said, we understand that issues do arise. Market Manager has the right to impose disciplinary action at the Market site. Vendors have the right to a hearing before the WCP Board within two weeks of any disciplinary action. In the event of customer dissatisfaction, the dispute must be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and Market Manager in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the vendor from market participation. The Market Manager has the authority to grant exceptions to the market policies on an individual basis for reasons of dire need. Should any vendor, at any time, occupy the premises in a manner contrary to this agreement, upon request of Market Manager, the vendor will immediately cease such offending conduct. Failure to immediately comply as requested will be cause for the revocation of this permit and expulsion from the Market. Upon revocation, vendor shall promptly vacate premises. Upon failure to vacate, the Market shall remove all property of vendor from the premises at vendor’s expense. The Market shall not be responsible for storage or safekeeping of property so removed. The Market is hereby relieved and discharged from any all loss or damages caused by such removal, real or consequential.

In the event of a vendor issue, we ask that you address your concerns with market manager and the WCP Board will step in if necessary. We want the market to be a place where everyone’s voice is heard.

17. Market Manager

The Market Manager coordinates the weekly functioning of the Market and enforces market policies. This includes oversight of the Market set-up and clean-up, daily assignments, collection of dues, fees and information, display of all Winooski Farmers Market policies, answering vendor questions, and administering EBT/Debit card sales. The Market Manager reports all vendor and customer feedback to the WCP board. The Market Manager is authorized to interpret and implement policy at the Market. If you have any questions or concerns you wish to relay please do so with the market manager.

18. Market Requirements

Having the producers of the products sold at the market present on a weekly basis is important to the character of the Winooski Farmers Market. The vendor/producer is defined as a person or persons with an ownership interest in the business or direct involvement in the daily operations of said business. You, as the producer of the products, must attend and vend at the market or have an authorized representative who is familiar with your product and can answer questions about its production. Substitutes (for selling your products) are permitted for up to 50% of the markets a vendor attends. Certain exceptions may be made with discussion with Market Manager. Vendors MUST have a VT state tax ID number prior to your first day of vending at the market. (Some businesses are exempt; contact the VT Department of Taxes for more information in regards to your business). The Winooski Farmers Market will only make reimbursement checks payable to businesses, not individuals. The exception is businesses using a DBA.

19. Individual Vendor Policies

All vendors must complete and submit the vendor application and additional paperwork, as appropriate to vendor type, to the market manager no later than April 1st, 2017. Vendors must provide the Winooski Farmers Market with a current certificate/proof of liability insurance of $1 million dollars coverage with WFM listed as co-insured.

20. Homemade Baked Goods and Prepared Food Vendors

Vendors offering prepared food for sale must feature at least three locally grown or produced products they offer at the Market. Prepared food vendors will be prioritized based on the number and percentage of local ingredients used in their products. Prior to selling at the Market, all prepared food vendors will provide a copy of appropriate Health Department Certification to the Market Manager. Permits must be displayed in public view during market hours. All prepared food vendors must comply with Vermont Department of Health regulations. The Market Manager and Market Committee must pre-approve food sold at the Market. The vendor is solely liable for copyright, patent, or trademark, or trade secret violations of the vendor.

21. Agricultural Vendors

If you and your “family” (may include apprentices, interns and farm workers) grow it, raise it, pick it, bake it or make it, and that happens in Vermont or Essex/Clinton County, New York, you can sell it at the Market. No wholesale brokers will be permitted on the premises. Vendor selection is made on the basis of quality, freshness and proximity to the market.

  • Fresh produce, flowers, seedlings, honey, wool, eggs, meat, cheese and other farm products
  • Any purchased plugs or cuttings must be grown by the vendor for at least twelve weeks to be eligible to sell at the market

22. Craft Vendors

Craft vendors must have made the craft items they sell. Selections will be made on the basis of quality, originality, and space availability. The market manager and executive director of WCP will approve work before being accepted into the market. The vendor is solely liable for copyright, patent, or trademark, or trade secret violations of the vendor.

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