Vendor Application

Thank you for applying to the Winooski Farmers Market. Please answer ALL applicable questions as completely as possible.

Applicants: $10 non-refundable application fee + signed application (pay fee here)

Fees/Dates for Accepted Vendors:

Season Vendors: One-half of vendor fee due April 15th. Balance of Vendor Fee due June 3rd
Day Vendors: Day fee paid prior to set-up.


  • EBT – The Winooski Farmers Market runs a wireless EBT card station that allows SNAP recipients to
    use their benefits through a $1 token system. Each vendor is responsible for understanding and
    following the SNAP guidelines for accepting these tokens.
  • Debit –The wireless machine allows customers to use Debit cards at the market
    through a $5 token system.
  • NOFA Harvest Health Coupons: A $2 discount coupon administered over the course of the summer season. Vendors are reimbursed 100% for all coupons redeemed. Coupons are distributed (while supplies last) to EBT customers. For every $2 of tokens purchased we can double $2. We can double up to $10 in EBT, meaning $10 EBT and $10 HH for a total of $20.
  • The Winooski Farmers Market requests weekly gross sales data from vendors. Data helps with planning and is required for some grant allocation.

New/ Day Vendors

When we have space to accept new vendors and day vendors, we first add vendors who will help us maintain our desired vendor ratio of 60% agricultural, 20% prepared foods, and 20% crafts. Please refer to page 5 of this application for further details on various day vending opportunities.

Vendor Application

Your Business

Business Address*

(Where is your product made/grown if not your primary residence?)

Your Staff

If employees will be staffing your booth, please provide the following information:

Your Products

Please list ALL items you plan to sell, check all that apply and give a brief description. Please remember to read the WFM 2017 Rules and Regulations of the allowed and prohibited products.

AGRICULTURAL (check all that apply)

** All Farmers must include a completed growing list to their application. See 2017 Growing List spreadsheet. **
ProduceFlowersPlantsMeatEggsCheeseHoneyMaple SyrupFiberOther
(check all that apply)

Primary Medium or Raw Material and finished product (check all that apply)
WoodFabricLeatherFiber, wool, yarnPaintPhotographyGlassClayMetalPaperCanvasDyeBody Care ProductsJewelryCandlesOther

Are you Certified Organic?

Do you have employees?

Do you have a Vermont Tax ID number?

A VT Tax ID Number is required to vend at the WFM. If you do not have one now, it must be obtained prior to vending.

Do you have shelter for your set-up (i.e. a pop up tent)

A tent is required for ALL vendors)

Do you have product liability Insurance?

(If you currently do not have product liability, and are accepted into the market, we will ask that you have $1 million dollars worth of insurance coverage and provide a copy for our records before attending market or you will not be allowed to vend.)

***If you are required to have a health department license or safe food-handling certificate, please attach a copy to your application. If you are not sure, contact the Vermont Department of Health. It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the required documents***

Do you attend other markets?
Do you currently have other outlets for your products?


*ALL vendors who wish to sell prepared food items must return this form with their market application.*


Please submit photos of your work and include the name of your business in the subject line to after submitting your application We appreciate photos from different angles, so we may see the quality of work. We are unable to look at websites for reference and require photos in order for your business to be considered for inclusion in the Winooski Farmers Market. Thank you for your understanding.


Season Vending
10'x10' $350 plus $60 security deposit10'x20' $640 plus $60 security deposit
Pay 10x10 here | Pay 10x20 here

On-call Vendor: We will notify our on- call vendors as needed when there are openings. We will do our best to give sufficient notice.
Scheduled Day Vendor: You must commit to 4 dates and are guaranteed this many.

Please select 4 dates that you wish to attend.
May 28June 4June 11June 18June 25July 2July 9July 16July 23July 30August 6August 13August 20August 27September 3September 10September 17September 24October 1October 8

We will notify you as to whether we can give you your desired and/or alternate dates by April 15th.

If you are selected as a vendor for this upcoming season, at least half of the season fee is due by April 15th, 2017. Full payment by April 15th is encouraged, but not required. Payment must be made online at the appropriate links above. If fees are not received in time, slots will be given to those on our waitlist.

Please email proof of organic certification, kitchen/catering license or other licensure, as appropriate to and include the name of your business in the subject line. If you are in the process of securing these, they must be sent by May 1st, 2017.


Please submit this application form and email all applicable attachments (i.e. photos, documents, growing spreadsheet) by April 1st to The $10 nonrefundable application fee is payable online here

By submitting this application you agree to the below Letter of Agreement.

I Agree I certify that the information contained in this application is true and accurate. I have paid the $10 Application Fee (pay here)


I have read and agree to the UPDATED 2017 Winooski FM Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are hereby attached to and incorporated into this agreement. I agree to abide by these Rules and Regulations, and to otherwise cooperate with the Market management, including but not limited to payment of all of the required fees. I agree to sell at the WFM Market only those items I have listed on the attached application.

I acknowledge that the management reserves the right to restrict the type of product(s) I am allowed to sell at the markets. I agree that any new and/or additional products must be pre-approved by WFM prior to sale. I acknowledge those products must be of my own production or produced at the location described on my application. I accept full responsibility for all my activities in the market (and for those assisting me) throughout the term of this season's market (May - October, 2017).

I acknowledge the authority of the Market Manager and the Farmers Market Steering Committee to settle any disputes regarding product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations subject to appeal under the procedures set forth in the Market rules. I agree to allow the Market Manager and/or representatives of the Market to inspect the premises where the products offered for sale are produced at anytime. Failure to allow an inspection will constitute a violation of Market rules. I understand that WFM does not carry any insurance policies to cover individual participants and that I am required to carry such insurance and to name WFM as co-insured.

Reimbursement to the City of Winooski: Applicant hereby agrees to reimburse the City of Winooski for any expense of providing labor, equipment, or facilities for cleanup, restoration, or repair the premises may require due to any use or activity carried on by me, or those authorized to act on my behalf under my permit.

Indemnification and Hold-Harmless Agreement: The undersigned, for himself and, if different, for the person or organization on behalf of whom this application is submitted, hereby covenants to indemnify the City of Winooski and its officers, agents, employees and assigns, and to hold them harmless, from any liability and/or for any contractual or quasi-contractual obligations to third parties in connection with the activity, event use or occurrence.

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