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Ayala Apothecary

Day Vendor – Find us at the market on June 25, July 30, August 27, Sept 3, Oct 8

An apothecary is a person who mixes medicines or a place where medicines are mixed. At my apothecary you will find a mix of herbal remedies, bodywork, Shamanic healing, and group classes.

All of my offerings are rooted in ancestral lineages, some of which I’ve inherited through blood, and some that I’ve inherited through deep study. I honor these lineages greatly through the work I put out into the world.

Ayala Apothecary was born of my deep desire to be of service to others, to work in concert with this beautiful planet that sustains us, and to connect with the ancestral healing practices of my Ashkenazi Jewish, Irish, and English heritage.

It is a place where traditional knowledge can be awakened and practiced freely. It’s a place my wise woman ancestors could have created, if they only had the chance to do so.

It’s an apothecary mixing the medicine of the ancients and infusing it into modern life. 

It’s an apothecary where tending to the earth and all of her creations is a top priority.

It’s an apothecary for the people, for my community, near and far. 

Website: ayalaapothecary.square.site

Email: [email protected]

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