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Botanical Babysitter | BB Herbals

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Botanical Babysitter is a local, Vermont based, plant care service here for all your botanical needs.  

Never feel stressed again or feel like an inconvenience to your friends, neighbors, or family.  Most of all save your buds from doom and gloom in your absence, with a peace of mind.

B. B. Herbals was created when replacing every product on our shelves with our homemade body care products became an obsession.  Infusing beautiful carrier oils with botanicals from my gardens to reap the benefits of their healing properties.  Having skin issues my whole life but never finding the right products without all the junk in them was hard!  I wanted this to be easier for myself, the ones i love, and to share a simply divine body care regime with the peace of mind knowing its all natural skin care- doing more good than harm. 


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