Main Street Revitalization

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Main Street Revitalization


The Main Street Revitalization (MSR) Project is the full reconstruction of about 4,000 linear feet of Winooski’s Main Street, a Principal Arterial with an AADT of about 15,000. The project will improve safety, accessibility, and mobility for all modes of transportation through the corridor; replace vital water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure; and accommodate stable growth along the corridor by eliminating physical barriers (e.g., overhead utilities) and improving the streetscape and landscape environment.


March 28, 2023 – Current Progress

The Right of Way Acquisition process is complete. City staff are performing a final review of contract documents and working to meet all remaining requirements of the project funders. The Main Street Revitalization Project bid advertisement is targeted for May 2023. If the contract is awarded, construction would likely begin sometime in July. Updates with specific details about construction impacts would be provided to the public starting in June or July, and will continue through the three-year construction project.


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