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Winooski Partnership for Prevention

Day Vendor – Find us at the market on June 11, July 16, August 27.

Winooski Partnership for Prevention (WPP) is our community’s substance use prevention coalition. We strive to make prevention a priority here in Winooski, VT through community education and engagement, youth empowerment, and policy change. Our work specifically focuses on underage drinking, tobacco, cannabis use and prescription drug misuse prevention.

We are committed to keeping our community informed about the health risks associated with youth substance use, and best practices for substance use prevention. WPP aims to change the cultural norms that support substance misuse by creating opportunities for all sectors of our community to become involved in prevention and work together to improve local policies.

We’re sharing information about preventing substance use and providing things like lockable bags for prescription drugs or other substances that should be kept out of the hands of youth. We also have sample foods (hand-held/appetizer-size) from the chefs we work with for our community dinners during the school year.


Instagram: @winooskiprevention


Email: [email protected]

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