Shopping for the holidays? Get off the apps and onto the streets!

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Shopping for the holidays? Get off the apps and onto the streets!

The ease of clicking a button and getting an item delivered is very convenient, we get it (because we do it too!) If you can, replace just a few things with locally-purchased items and not only will you have an impact on your community vibrancy but you’ll also have a good story and a high quality item for your holiday table or to give as a gift!

Here’s your cheat sheet on how to spread joy by shopping small:

  • Like, share and comment on local businesses social media posts
    • …bonus – this costs nothing!
  • Have patience and kindness for local businesses. If they’re out of something you need or there’s a wait to get a table or appointment, have empathy for staff, managers and owners. It’s heartbreaking how often we hear from business owners that customers have become more negative and grumpy in recent days
  • Choose gifts from your favorite retail shops! No worries about shipping delays, they have lots of great stuff in stock *right now*
  • Grab a gift card to a local restaurant, bar or cafe. Pick something you know you’ll love, or be bold and try something new
  • Pick up a gift certificate for a salon or spa service, perfect for someone who “doesn’t need anything!”
    • Tip: if you’re trying to book a salon service around the holiday season, book early and tip well! This is a busy season.
  • To stand alone or pair with a gift card, buy a nice bottle of wine, special spices or a unique sauce from a local store
  • It’s fun to give great gifts! Consider what your friends & family really wants or needs. Something that’s a “great deal” at a big online retailer may not be as welcomed or enjoyed as a gift card or special gift from a local business!

Thanks for shopping in Winooski! If you ever need advice on where to go, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll give you personalized ideas.

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